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    A bright future for your internal combustion engine

    Do you regularly wash the outside of your car? What about the engine? Don't let a clogged engine represent possible future damage. Clean your engine completely chemical-free with hydrogen.

Decarbonize! It is a process in which, by properly cleaning the engine, you will restore power to the car, reduce smoke, save on untimely repairs and, often, on a drop in fuel consumption.


Why is carbon in the engine more of a problem today than in the past?

Along with electricity, hydrogen is one of the ways of the future and a global solution to sustainability. Combustion of fossil fuels in cars or trucks, but also in motorcycles, lawn mowers, or boats, causes an undesirable effect: part of the fuel is deposited as dirt at high temperatures on the walls of valves and cylinders. These impurities are formed from a new car. But after 50,000 km they start to have an effect on emission standards and, over time, on the performance and consumption of the engine.


Due to deposits, the engine has to exert more effort, and our consumption and thus the costs of operating the car will increase.


The pressure on emission standards is growing all over the world, but especially in the European Union, and it is assumed that the standards will become even stricter in the future. Nowadays, they are often not met by 4-5 year old cars. Decarbonization technology is a relatively simple and inexpensive solution to reduce emissions from a clogged engine.

We have been on the market for 18 years and our experience confirms the fact that up to 90% of cars that did not pass the emission control the first time will pass after our decarbonization treatment thanks to a reduction in emissions by 70/80, in some extreme cases by up to 90%.





What to do with 
a clogged engine?

If we decide that we want to rid our car of accumulated carbon and thus improve its performance and lifespan, there are several options. It is necessary to take into account not only the costs of the entire process, but also the time required, the availability of technology and, last but not least, its impact on the environment....

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Causes of carbon deposits:

  • lower fuel quality
  • the presence of iron particles and aromatic hydrocarbons in the fuel
  • driving for short distances and low speeds
  • start-stop system
  • exhaust gas recycling systems - EGR
  • additives for motor oils and fuels
  • incorrect functioning of the crankcase ventilation

The most common signs of engine pollution with carbon:

  • gradual loss of engine power
  • increasing fuel consumption
  • increase in smokiness
  • increased engine noise
  • engine running unevenly
  • increased emission rate

HHO decarbonization

The most modern way of cleaning the engine using hydrogen

The course of HHO decarbonization

Electricity splits water into two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen, this gas is called HHO and is injected directly into the car engine. The cleaning process is very simple: gas must be brought into the engine through the air intake unit. In the engine compartment, the carbon is then burned by burning hydrogen at high temperatures, so it is not released, as in some other decarbonization methods, but is burned into microscopic particles.

Duration and safety of the process

The entire cleaning process normally takes 60 minutes, and during that time the engine will be freed of unwanted deposits. This method is not only ecological, but also safe. There is no risk of explosion not only because the device has its own safety features, but also because the hydrogen is not stored anywhere or pressurized in any container. The decarbonization device continuously produces it, injects it into the car, and it immediately leaves the car in the form of exhaust fumes.

The biggest advantages of HHO technology

  • highly effective cleaning method
  • without the need to disassemble the engine
  • quick process - from 50 to 80 minutes
  • reasonable price
  • it is not necessary to change fluids and filters in the vehicle after the operation itself
  • ecological procedure without the use of chemical preparations


As a manufacturer of professional decarbonization equipment, we have been on the market for 18 years and during that time we have built a network of reliable providers of this operation.

We also offer decarbonization HHO devices from our own workshop for car repair shops, intended for the use of technology for engines of various cubic capacities from 5,000cc to 12,000cc.

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