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    Gets the most out of your engine

    What is HHO technology, how does it work and how does it benefit your car and your wallet?

HHO technology makes it possible to reduce fuel consumption in the car by adding a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen generated by electrolysis directly in the car to the normal fuel. This enables incomparably higher combustion efficiency of the used fossil fuel and this significantly reduces its consumption and the amount of pollutants released through the exhaust pipe...


The HHO generator is powered by electricity from the battery in the vehicle, which produces oxygen and hydrogen through the electrolysis of water, which are then fed into the intake manifold of the engine immediately behind the air filter. Hydrogen and oxygen, which are extremely explosive, greatly promote combustion. In the engine, it mixes with the intake air, and the mixture catches in the combustion chamber at the moment of ignition faster than without HHO and thus significantly increases the efficiency of combustion.

HHO explodes when its temperature is brought to the point of auto-ignition. For a concentrated mixture at atmospheric pressure, spontaneous combustion occurs at a temperature of 570°C. The minimum energy for igniting this mixture with a spark plug is approximately 0.02 millijoules. After ignition, the gas mixture turns into water vapor and releases an energy of 241.8 kJ in each mole of H2 burned. The amount of thermal energy does not depend on the type of combustion, but the temperature of the flame is variable. The maximum achievable temperature is 2760°C with a pure mixture of oxygen and hydrogen.

HHO will thus promote a much more efficient combustion of fossil fuel, use much more energy, press the piston with greater force and thereby increase the number of kilometers traveled for the same amount of fuel.

The vehicle will become partially hybrid, thanks to the use of water as fuel. The only emissions produced by this hydrogen burning system are water vapor, which is released back into the atmosphere. Water is an endless source of energy, it is free and its use has enormous potential.

The battery as a source of electrical energy for our device is recharged in the usual way using the alternator of your car.


of hydrogen

  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • A significant reduction in emissions
  • Extended engine life
  • More torque and smoother, stronger acceleration
  • Increased engine performance
  • Cleaner oil due to the reduced amount of carbon deposits in the engine


Controlled tests have shown a 56% and 39% improvement in mileage for petrol and diesel vehicles, respectively.

  • Gasoline: ProTuner + hydrogen: 25-56%
  • Diesel: ProTuner + hydrogen: 15-39%


  • Our HHO systems are designed to work in all types of vehicles.
  • A proper combination of hydrogen generator and electronic regulator is required to achieve maximum fuel economy.

Why choose the SSPower HHO system?

SSPOWER HHO systems are professional devices that produce hydrogen from water only when the engine is running, without the need to store hydrogen. This eliminates storage security issues and makes the technology available to everyone. In this system, water breaks down into two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen, i.e. Hydrogen and Oxygen. This product is internationally known as HHO or Brownian gas.

HHO systems add produced oxygen and hydrogen directly to the engine intake. This results in a more efficient combustion of fossil fuels, a drastic reduction in emissions and a significant reduction in fuel consumption in classic combustion engines. Burning hydrogen cleans the engine of deposits, reduces or completely loses smoke, and ultimately leads to overall better condition, higher performance and longer engine life.

Another huge advantage of HHO systems is that they are highly variable (configurable exactly according to the customer's requirements and needs, or according to the type of engine) and reversible, that is, they can be removed at any time if desired and possibly moved to another car without any problems or interference with the engine .

Our HHO systems can be used in conjunction with any combustion or diesel engine in any type of vehicle - car (including diesel engines), truck, tractor, boat, or in stationary engines such as power plants or irrigation pumps.

Advantages of using HHO

  • fuel savings 10 - 40%
  • increasing engine power and torque
  • reducing the amount of harmful emissions
  • increase in octane number
  • cleaning the engine from deposits, which affects the longer life of your vehicle
  • reduction of maintenance and repair costs
  • increasing speed and acceleration
  • the possibility of transferring to another vehicle
  • 24 month warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee in case of no savings
  • quick return on investment


Our company provides complete professional assembly of all our HHO equipment and accessories.
You can find detailed information about the possibility of having the HHO system installed directly in our service, the conditions and price lists of our services in the section expert installation and consulting. If you are interested in cooperation, here you will also find information about the possibilities of training mechanics by our experts and the possibilities of consulting in the issue of HHO technologies.

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