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Are you interested in this means of ensuring significant fuel savings or are you already driving for less with an HHO generator?

How does the HHO generator work and how does it save fuel?

The principle involves breakdown of a special water-based solution of potassium hydroxide into HHO gas. The gas is then introduced into the intake manifold, where it mixes with the incoming air.
A large quantity of air passes through the engine with a relatively low quantity of HHO gas. The enriched mixture then produces less waste heat and more energy, thereby generating more power from less fuel. Test results have shown that the maximum power was not greatly increased, but the torque increased significantly, especially at lower engine speeds.

How much you can save this way?

HHO generators achieve highest efficiency in diesel engines, ensuring improvements of up to 40%.
With petrol engines the figure is roughly 35%.
Some cars with electronic fuel injection and quality sensors for intake air and exhaust fumes have sometimes recorded lower savings following connection of an economiser, but this can be rectified through an additional device connected to the sensor.

How major are the modifications required to the vehicle?

The modifications are minimal. The HHO generator is installed in a free space in the engine compartment, as close as possible to the air intake manifold. The only modification required is to connect the device to the battery and drill a small hole into the air intake manifold, to which the outlet tube is connected.

The actual device is powered via the relay switch which is connected to the lights or the ignition.

The device can be dismantled quickly and easily, for example for transfer to another vehicle.

Would I damage my engine with an HHO generator?

No, quite the opposite. Adding HHO gas to the engine improves the quality of the mixture with a reduced quantity of fuel, which has a positive effect through removing carbon deposits and protecting the catalytic converter because a significantly lower quantity of carbon dioxide is released.

It is particularly beneficial for diesel engines which take on a new lease of life. You will be surprised by how much better your car's engine runs. Another advantage is that you do not need to change your oil as often.

Diesel and lambda sensor?

The advantage of diesel engines is that lambda sensors have an increased measurement tolerance and so in 90 percent of cars there is no need to modify the signal using the special control unit as with petrol engines. Immediately after installing and running the generator, you will notice an improvement in performance, a reduction in noise and dirty fumes and increased torque.

So does the engine run better?

Yes, definitely. The hydrogen drawn in by the engine helps improve combustion of the mixture. Thanks to the HHO, which binds to hydrocarbons, the fuel mixture is ignited a millisecond faster. The explosive mixture combusts much faster and obtains more energy from the fuel. Old deposits are removed from the engine and new deposits are not formed. The octane rating of the fuel, the torque and the power all increase. Emissions and fuel consumption fall and the engine's service life is significantly prolonged and it works much more efficiently than ever before.

Isn't it dangerous? Couldn't there be an explosion?

Neither hydrogen nor oxygen is stored or compressed in the device. Instead they are discharged directly into the engine intake. This means that at no stage during the gas production process is there more gas stored in the car than in a cigarette lighter. No explosions have ever been reported, but even allowing for the theoretical possibility of an explosion of accumulated gas, damage would only be caused to the device itself and not to other parts of the car. Nevertheless, we recommend using safety and protective equipment to operate the device.

Why have car-makers not been selling this system in their cars for many years already?

There has not been enough interest. For the past hundred years, society has been ossified in the view that nothing has been created to rival fossil-fuel burning engines. That has been constantly drummed into us. Electric cars do not work and hybrids are extremely expensive.

The oil industry is the most profitable business in the world and the megalomaniac multinational oil companies which prop up the economies of the most powerful countries in the world are not interested in the development of alternative, cheaper sources of fuel.

One of the pioneers of such alternative fuels was American inventor Stanley Meyer, who was the author of various patents and the brains behind an engine that ran on HHO, totally without use of fossil fuels. Meyer presented society with patents which would have allowed everyone to run their own car for free. He became a very uncomfortable figure for the US Government and his fate and death remain the subject of speculation.


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