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Are you interested in this means of ensuring significant fuel savings or are you already driving for less with an HHO generator?


1.Choice of the suitable type of HHO generator or HHO set

It is especially necessary to consider which type of HHO generator or complete HHO set  is suitable for the car or other facilities ( watering pumps, electrocentrals, agriculture or industry machines).
Our offer, in the Hornet and Hornet Sets sections provides  a few kinds of HHO generators and sets, arranged according to the performance and volume of the engines they are intended to. It is very easy to orientate in these sections and decription of products and also to choose the right type for the specific type of the engine, what is the basic criterion for the choice of the right device.

2. Choice of the right accessories

Some types of cars , especially the newer ones, are equipped with various sensors and scanners, e.g. sensors of exhaust fumes, air weights, or others. They are mainly O2 sensors, i.g. lambda probes, or for example choking flaps in some types of petrol engines. The right and most effective functioning of an HHO system in these cases demands also usage of some complementary devices, such as lambda probe regulators or choking flap regulators. Using these devices enables quickly and easily set and adjust  the figures which are passed to the car computer. Using HHO systems these figures might be misinterpreted and the expected saving of fuel can be considerably lowered this way.
Our offer, in the HHO Accessories provides a few types of these devices, arranged according to the types of specific sensors regulation of which they are intended to. How they work, their kinds and importance of their usage in a car, as well as how to find out if your car is equipped with these probes, what kind they are and what type of the device is necessary for you can be found in our detailed article about these probes here.

3.The Choice of the Suitable Electrolyte, its Preparation, Control and Optional Supplement Devices

Actually any acid or hydroxide can be used in HHO systems, but our long-term experience and tests have proved KOH, i.e. potassium hydroxide, as the most effective one. To make our HHO systems as effective as possible, we recommend usage of solution made of SSpower KOH granules, which enables their best performance and minimum heating. It is also most economical to electrodes used  in HHO generators compared to other electrolytes and this considerably makes the electrode lifespan. The quantity of 15-20 grams of KOH granulation product are enough for 1 litre of distilled water, in winter the concentration may be higher. It is necessary to take into consideration that in normal circumstances, it means without usage of a power regulator power consumption as well as  hydrogen production in HHO generator are directly proportional to electrolyte concentration in its tank. That is why we offer, in the HHO Accessories section, these supplementary devices, too, called PWM current controller which are intended to regulate power consumption of the generator. Concentration of electrolyte does not have to be checked if we use these devices, just set the consumption in the car cabin. It is constant regardless concentration of electrolyte in its tank. The surface of the electrolyte must be kept in the range of 1/2 up to 2/3 of the tank volume. This is important because in case of its low surface, i.e. small volume the electrolyte overheats during circulation in HHO system. If the surface falls down below ½ of the electrolyte tank it is necessary to add distilled water which gradually evaporates from the HHO system. Water consumption is about 1litre to 1000-1500 km. That is why the surface of electrolyte must be checked from time to time visually unless the electrolyte lever checker system is set. This system indicates low electrolyte surface by light signals right in the car cabin, possibly stops HHO generator working and prevents the above mentioned consequences.
The electrolyte is necessary to be changed once in 5,000-10,000 km.

The electrolyte made from SSpower granulation product is a highly alkaline solution and a very dangerous chemical  substance  and that is why it is necessary to use safety and protective kits during manipulation with it!

4. Safety and other optional supplementary devices

When HHO system is in action the engine must be started and the output hose from the tank must be connected to the suck pipe of the engine. Therefore when we install an HHO system it is necessary to make sure it is connected in the way  the production starts after starting the engine, not in the first position of the key in the ignition system. In case electric installation of a particular car does not enable this we strongly recommend to use an automatic power switch a wide range of these can be found in our offer in the HHO Accessories section. This switch starts the HHO system after rise of voltage in the accumulator above 13V, i.e. after starting the engine or after specified time interval following starting, it depends on the type of a chosen switch. The HHO system is also switched off automatically after stalling of the engine. This is not important not only because of safety if a driver forgets to switch of the system in the car cabin after stalling the engine (HHO gas will not be produced when the engine is off), but also because of unwanted discharge of the battery which is not recharged by an accumulator on a stalled engine.
It is also possible to find other supplementary, so called secondary safety devices in our offer, e.g. a few kinds of bubblers divided according to their volume into categories for different car types, or one way valve suitable for an electrolyte or HHO gas circulation system.

HHO gas is extremely explosive and that is why using open fire during running a generator as well as disconnected output hose are strongly prohibited!

5.Maintenance and Winter Running

HHO system is actually a no maintenance device and except the above mentioned check of the electrolyte quantity in its tank and sporadic visual checks of connection and installation (hose and joints tightness) on normal maintenance of the engine no extra care is necessary.
In winter season dilution of the electrolyte by a small amount of denatured alcohol is recommended - about 10-20ml (2-4 soup spoons) for 1 liter of electrolyte. In case PWM power regulator is connected it is possible just to increase its concentration to prevent freezing of the electrolyte. More concentrated mixture made of SSpower  KOH granulation product  has considerably lower freezing point and when we use more concentrated PWM there is no danger of excessive power consumption of power or overheating  so adding more alcohol is not needed.

It is also necessary to consider that presence of any other substances in the electrolyte actually lowers its effectiveness and that is why usage of a PWM power regulator in winter period is a big advantage.

6. The Right Placement of Components, Installation and System Revival

The most suitable way of HHO generator installation is to ensure it is influenced by the engine temperature as little as possible. The best places are e.g. in front of the cooler, or under the bumper behind   the  air holes where the generator is automatically cooled by a an air stream. Another necessary component, the electrolyte tank, should be placed as high as possible next to the generator itself  if the space inside the engine part of the car allows that. This is necessary for the generator or its better circulation from the point of view of the electrolyte fall down. If it is impossible to place  the components to ensure at least part falling down of the electrolyte or sufficient cooling because of the space in the small engine part of the car, we can offer another additional devices such as the external cooler intended to prevent engine overheating or the electrolyte pump. These are quick solutions of these gaps in effectiveness of all the HHO system which can occur the above mentioned way.

 HHO scheme electrolyte circulation connection

All our HHO generators, HHO sets or supplementary devices have come with complete detailed installation instructions by means of which any handy mechanic or even any handy amateur can run all the HHO system without any considerable problems. They can assembly all the system in a common garage in few hours, just using common car kit.
Electric connection and revival of all the HHO system are the  only  exception from the point of view of installation demands and at least consultation with a car electrician is recommended. This professional can revive all the system in a few minutes according to an enclosed scheme.

HHO scheme electrical wiring connection

Our company offers complete professional installation of all our HHO devices and accessories.

Detailed information of the possibilities to have your HHO system installed right in our garage, the conditions and price lists of our services are available in the Professional Installation and Advice section. If you are interested in cooperation you can also find information about the possibilities of training mechanics by our experts and consulting HHO technologies issues.



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